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Romaine Calm! Here’s the Difference Between Lettuce, Cabbage and Other Leafy Veggies

11/22/2018 - 13:40

Romaine Calm! Here’s the Difference Between Lettuce, Cabbage and Other Leafy Veggies

Lettuce is used all the time – but did you know that there are over 16 varieties of lettuce? Also, cabbage is not the same as lettuce, in fact they’re not even in the same families! Lettuce dive deep into the world of these delicious leaves!


Savoy or Cabbage?

There’s a few different types of cabbages around – green, savoy, and napa.

Both savoy and green cabbage look extremely similar – they could be twins! The key difference is that savoy has a milder taste to its green cabbage brother. Savoy also tends to have wrinklier leaves compared to the green cabbage’s smoother, rubbery skin.

Savoy Cabbage

 Green Cabbage

If you made a mistake and bought savoy instead of green cabbage, never fear! These two can often be substituted in most recipes without it drastically affecting the flavour and outcome.

Napa cabbage (also known as Chinese cabbage) is the oval/oblong looking cabbage with lighter green and slightly yellow leaves. Sweeter than the other cabbage siblings, napa cabbage is wonderful in salads and dumpling fillings!


Lettuce Choose the Right one


Lettuce is nice and leafy and has its own family – rocket (also known as arugula), iceberg, butterhead, leaf lettuce, celtuce, and romaine to name a few. There are over 16 types of lettuce – some are more bitter than others, but all are lovely in most salads.

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The purple & red folks

Red Cabbage

No doubt, you’ve seen a cabbage-like veggie that is a brilliant shade of magenta in the supermarket. This crimson leafy head is called red cabbage and has similar properties as its green brother.

Red cabbage is not to be confused with the smaller, maroon-y coloured radicchio (ra-dee-key-yo) – which is more on the bitter side. Radicchio is a wonderful, colourful addition to some salads and recipes when prepared correctly!


Then there’s treviso, which are reddish versions of the little gem lettuce.


Whoever said lettuce was basic?

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