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Our Story! The Wholesome Kitchen Difference

10/16/2018 - 17:04

Our Story! The Wholesome Kitchen Difference

The brainchild of Viv and Peter Zampierollo, Wholesome Kitchen delivers Melburnians fresh, tasty fruit and veg direct to their door.


We’re Picky (so you don’t have to be)

Peter is pedantic about what we stock at Wholesome Kitchen down to the variety of zucchini (who knew there was more than one!) so quality and taste is something you don’t have to worry about!

Sourcing produce locally also means that our fruit and veg stay fresher for longer. We don’t sell anything that we wouldn't eat ourselves, and take we take our veggies seriously.

Having grown up around farmers, markets and veggies for most of our lives, it’s fair to say that we know fresh and quality when we see it (literally!)


We’re Focused on You!

We’re the new kids on the block (kinda) so we’re attentive to your feedback. We want to know what makes you tick so that we can be your go to for all things fresh, wholesome and delicious.

Based on the feedback of our lovely customers, we have made some serious changes to our business.

  • We’ve introduced a 5 day delivery schedule
  • We’ve introduced cheaper delivery options for suburbs less than 5kms from the CBD
  • We’ve introduced organic produce! 

And this is just the start! If you want to give us feedback, you can reach us during standard business hours on 03 8657 0039 or email us anytime at hello@wholesomekitchen.com.au


We’re Supporters of Local

We’re committed to local suppliers, which is why everything on our site is Aussie grown. We work with local farmers to make sure that everyone in the supply chain receives a fair price for their hard work and delicious produce.

We know many of our suppliers personally and have forged strong and enduring relationships over the years.


We've Been Doing This a While

Wholesome Kitchen is just a baby (established in 2018) but we’ve been into fresh for a while!

We've been operating our little stall at the Vic Market, Green Leaf, since 2005; taking over from Viv’s dad, who first opened his stall in 1970. You could say that ‘FRESH’ is definitely in our DNA!


Something for Everyone


Swamped in the office all day, it can be hard to get down to the markets for a refreshing, sweet snack, even harder if your office is out in the suburbs! Luckily, we deliver to most offices around Melbourne! Whether you’re in the city, or just a little bit further out, fresh, tasty fruit is only one click away!

Get in touch with our customer happiness team to help arrange your next corporate order!



Sometimes, time just escapes you and before you know it, it's the end of the week again! Life is full of surprises and it can be hard to get down the markets to pick up some fresh produce.

We know how important it is to feed your family only the best, so that’s why we deliver to you! We believe that a Wholesome life starts with a Wholesome Kitchen. We’re just as picky with our produce, so you can be sure that you are getting quality when you shop Wholesome!



Although all of our produce is farm fresh, we know that you care about what goes into your body – which is why we now offer organic produce too!

Look out of the little “I’m Organic” symbol for the items that are available in organic! If we don’t have what you’re looking for, don’t fret! We’re always updating our items, and we might have it in the future. Subscribe to our mailing list to be amongst the first to know!


Pick Your Own

We have various fruit and veggie boxes available for easy shopping selection, but we appreciate that you might have some fussy eaters in your house who are very particular about what they want to eat.

You can pick your own items and make your own shopping list, which can then be saved in your account; making it easier to re-order again in future (without having to go through all over again!)


Have some feedback you'd like to share? Email us at hello@wholesomekitchen.com.au. We'd love to hear from you!