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Eat Yo’ Veggies Kids! A Guide to Getting More Greens on the Plate

10/05/2018 - 14:41

Eat Yo’ Veggies Kids! A Guide to Getting More Greens on the Plate

The age-old advice in my household for getting the wee ones to eat their veggies has always been to cover them in cheese. 

While this is a great option (who doesn’t love a little cheesy goodness now and then), its sustainability has remained a challenge. Now, I’m not suggesting that you can ever really get sick of cheese (#hellno), but that all that nutritional value is drastically undermined by the cheesy goodness.

Here are a few tactics we’ve tried* to get our little ones to gobble up the goodness.

*disclaimer: tried, did not say successful


Rise to the occasion and eat up!

Mum’s the word and it’s time to step up to the plate. If you’re not walking the walk and eating the eats – it’s a big ask for your kids.

Anyone with a little one that has accidently learnt a naughty word from that one (or millionth) time you stepped on Lego will know, the mini copycat is alive and well.

Our suggestion is you chow down on those veggies regularly exclaiming “ISN’T THIS LOVELY” and “NOM NOM NOM” until you really feel that positivity in your bones.


Hoover the Hummus

This is one for the guys. You know how you’re convinced that hummus is the foundation of food culture and the ideal size tub for snaking is 1kg?

Well I have great news! You can spread the dip (and the joy) by sharing your hummus and carrot sticks with the kids. 

Why not even make it a game and award “hummus points” for the member of the family that can come up with the strangest hummus veggie combo? Double points if it gets eaten.**

**Make sure to be clear that it has to be eaten by the creator, otherwise, Dad may end up getting the goodness.


Steam that Kinni!

I only just discovered this was a thing so excuse my new found enthusiasm! All you have to do is steam some zucchini (obvs), season with salt and add a touch of butter.

It seems too simple I know – but I promise you, it will change your life. It’s also low on the bitterness scale, which is apparently one of the reasons why kids really hate broc, so for the fussiest of eaters, it’s worth a try!


Hide them (welcome to the real world kids!)

Teach your kids about hidden fees and bill shock the best way! Grate those carrots and hide them in the Spag Bol.

Keep a tally the end of the month, your kids can get a big surprise when all their left over pocket money goes to “higher than average vegetable” expenditure (#thankuslater)



Start social pressure early and afflict you kids with a case of FOMO. They’ll thank you for it when they’re constantly comparing their vegetable eating with that of their superior peers.

Better yet share your other child’s (or someone else’s child’s) great veggie eating on Instagram! Make sure you use the hashtag #wholesomekitchen so we can have a giggle too!

In all seriousness though, eating veggies is important and 99% of the time, veggies don’t taste great because they’re just not that fresh. If you want to try something different, fresher and tastier, give us a go! #FOMOFREEZONE